January 24, 2019

Meet the Team

Wilffred Magotti is the Business Head at Studiolife (the go to guy). He has a background in professional and production design from Limkokwing with an industry experience of over 8 years working for the commercial mayhem and the MAN, building brands with creative solutions for their marketing problems across East Africa. A true believer that when you can do a common thing in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. He focuses on the running and direction of business, helping guide the team to achieve desired results within timelines and budgets while adding industry experience to the game at Studiolife.

Elizabeth Mrema is the Head of Strategy and CET (Chief Executive Thinker) at Studiolife. In a past life she graduated from Harvard University with degrees in Biochemical Engineering and Social Anthropology. Luckily for Studiolife, she decided that she preferred to do marketing instead. Elizabeth is a seasoned strategist with over 8 years of experience in advertising and marketing roles in Tanzania. She is the often the first person to have a stab at briefs at Studiolife and devise ways to tackle the problem. Her super powers include to building strategic solutions through communication platforms (social media, digital, PR, and traditional media) for clients and convincing anyone of anything.

Jolly Aseka is a Client Service Manager at Studiolife. She believes in problem solving and always assures herself that in life, nothing is impossible. A team player in multiple projects and industries with experience in Operations, Administration and Data Management.
She has a passion to learn new things and believes that the best part of her current role is connecting with the client and understanding what their needs are in the most comprehensive way. Jolly’s number one priority is to make sure that clients are satisfied with how their projects are handled by Studiolife and are delivered on time. Jolly is a true people-person, focused and very jolly, just like her name.

Kaitesi Tibandebage is the Content Manager at Studiolife. A Jill-of-all-trades, her interests all share the same core principle: finding the patterns and fixing them if they go wrong. With over 10 years working in Sales & Marketing, these days words are her best friend, trying to get into the minds of the consumer. Kaitesi believes that learning never ends, and that anyone can teach you something new. She is the kind eye over your shoulder, making sure things are the best they can be before they go out. In other words, she’s never met a typo she didn’t want to fix. 

Brian Akwera is the Animator at Studiolife. Photorealistic rendering, 2D & 3D Animation, liquid simulation: Brian does it all. Animating since 2015 for various media houses in Dar es Salaam, Brian is a one-man team able to complete complex jobs in a short time due to a carefully developed pipeline. He believes in working smarter rather than harder, and getting the job done right.