January 24, 2019


A full-service design agency from the heart of Dar creating perfect brands, vibrant identities and creative concepts. We offer a variety of services that meet your specific needs.


Everything starts with an idea, but where can it go? How far can it reach, and how big can it get? The other challenge is creating interest around an idea nobody wants to hear. At Studiolife, we help you make your ideas the best reality. 


How do you get the consumer’s attention when they’re not in the room with you? Strategic planning keeps your end goal in mind, so your ideas are free to flourish, knowing we’re keeping track of the consumer’s needs and yours along the way.b


It takes more than having a great concept to build a brand. Move from interruption to engagement and get your ideas noticed with branded content. Animated shorts, online games, webisodes – we do it all.


In the digital age, you want to be able to reach your audience in a snap. Whether it’s a mobile application so you’re in the palm of a consumer’s hand, or custom software so you’re reachable at any time. Skilled in Java, .NET, PHP, C++, Flash and Silverlight, we can build anything — campaign sites, enterprise-level CMS implementations, Mobile applications, Facebook applications and custom software.


With more choices come more distractions. Creating a unique user experience is what will make you stand out from the crowd and pull the consumer into the journey you want them to take with your brand.    


Now that your idea is the best that it can be, you have to show it off. Our photographs capture your brand in action so you can connect with your audience.